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Online Disciplinary Process

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Successful employer / employee relations involve striking a balance of interests.Employers: the right to manage – the ability to plan for the future so that the company can continue to be a success, to make profits for its shareholders and to keep its employees motivated.
Employees: Its all about securing the best possible conditions and living standards while feeling valued and appreciated.
Where employees are not happy with working conditions this frequently leads to high labour turnover, bad timekeeping and high levels of absenteeism.
It may also occur in the form of slackness by individuals, poor working, deliberate time wasting and similar practices.
More than often employers will turn to disciplinary action when there is a break down in the employer / employee relationship.
If the process followed is not open, transparent and fair for all parties; this will ALWAYS lead to resentment from the employee.
We have created a proven online disciplinary process which is open, transparent and fair for all parties.
The process has been created to ensure a more harmonious working relationship between employers and employees.
The result of not following a clear, open and transparent disciplinary process is high unemployment, lost productivity, increased stress, high legal fees, uncertain future and failed businesses.
By working together, collaborating and sharing information, employers and employees can create a more harmonious workplace for the benefit of all.
1. It costs only $29.99
Lifetime access to 23 Chapters and over 42 pages of disciplinary procedures. In addition, you also gain access to our online guides, resources and support (
2. Includes checklists and templates
You get access to MS WORD checklists and templates for writing warnings and dismissal letters including redundancy and sickness.
3. Reduce costs
For an employer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,000 - $10,000 just to defend yourself against a personal grievance.
The average pay out awarded by the Employment Relations Authority is $7,208.
4. Reduce stress
A real problem that employer's are currently facing is that some lawyers are happy to act for employees on a 'no-win no-fee' basis.
5. Reduce risk
An increase in personal grievances was being caused by an inability of employer’s to follow complicated procedures for dealing with workplace problems.
The Templates and Checklists are in MS Word format.
Therefore you will require a viewer to view these on your mobile phone. Alternatively you can e-mail them to yourself.
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